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Poor workplace productivity and employee engagement are issues so many organisations face. Several factors can affect employee productivity, including the type of work being completed, the tools and resources available, and the working environment. 

By understanding what factors can impact employee productivity, employers can take steps to improve it and the success of your business.

However there is one issue that like a domino if you get it right it will knock over all the other impediments.

The Work Environment is the #1 Influencer on Productivity 

The physical space where employees work, the tools they use, the layout of the office,the amount of natural light, the air quality and the temperature can all affect employee productivity. Creating a beautiful space in which to work is all well and good but this space needs to be used and managed with productivity and overall experience in mind. 

The Importance of Employee Productivity

Productivity is the core of the growth of organisations, and the lack thereof can be detrimental to the success of any business.

Beyond delivering products or services in a short amount of time, productivity also affects the quality of the workplace and the value of human capital.

Productivity is about increasing the output of the company by increasing the work capacity of employees.

Employee productivity results in higher profits while still using the same or fewer resources. If you want your company to thrive and grow, optimising the management of your workplace with employee experience and productivity in mind is a key factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Effects of Employee Experience 

Employees are looking for a superior experience to encourage them to make the journey into the office. An inferior experience means disengaged employees.

The effects of disengaged employees can be far-reaching and costly. A study by the University of Southern California found that companies with disengaged employees have 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, and 37% lower job growth. 

Disengaged employees are also more likely to make errors, take longer to complete tasks, and have higher absenteeism rates. Additionally, they are less likely to go above and beyond their job duties or contribute to company initiatives. 

All of these factors can harm your company’s bottom line. 

The Workplace Experience

Crafting and managing a superior workplace experience is imperative to guarantee a productive work environment.

Few people will be willing to put forth their best effort when they have a negative experience or are in an unhealthy environment. Establishing a positive experience throughout the office is vital for ensuring enhanced effectiveness.

Employees should be acknowledged and trusted to execute their work in any location but if you want them to make the effort to come to the office there must be a compelling reason to do so, and they should have the opportunity to participate in a constructive, collaborative and social atmosphere with their colleagues.

Giving employees trust when tasks are assigned allows them to create positive and productive work practices that benefit the entire team. This can promote a healthier and more successful workplace.

Health and Wellness

In recent years, the issue of employee well-being has been brought to the forefront. This involves both the physical and mental health of a person in their place of work.

A company and its workplace team have the potential to greatly enhance the well-being of its staff and the efficiency of their work by encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Employers must guarantee their employees have the resources they need to remain in good physical and mental health.

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential for optimal productivity and it’s important to take immediate action to deal with small issues before they become major complications.

The provision of a wellness program and servicing the office with healthy food options can favourably influence every employee's health and well-being, in turn increasing productivity.

A company can allow its employees to be physically active by encouraging them to take breaks and move around instead of staying seated for their entire shift.

Employers can motivate staff to commute by foot and make the transition from home to work easy by providing ample storage for their items.

By taking care of your employees’ health, you demonstrate that they are a valued part of the company and not just cogs in a machine. Showing concern for their well-being is a clear indication that you consider them as individuals instead of simply being part of an entity.

Production Factors & Technology

These days, technology is essential to the success of any business. It can help employees become more productive and efficient, especially when technical elements arise. Modern technology is a very useful tool in aiding businesses to reach their profit potential.

Technology can be an invaluable asset to a business, but it needs active management and maintenance and support of the infrastructure allowing for a more efficient system in the workplace. This ultimately allows employees to focus on tasks that are of greater importance, thereby increasing the value of human capital.

Workplace teams are improving their management by integrating technology into their operations. This leads to the improvement of data and analytics including utilisation allowing greater optimisation of costs.

Workplace Ergonomics

‍Beyond the importance of the organisational factor in the work environment, many factors of productivity are less obvious than others but make a big difference in individual productivity and the company’s overall performance.

During The pandemic and the need to work from anywhere including the bedroom, dining room or even park bench we all discovered how important ergonomics are and how this can also severely impact productivity. 

Whether at home or in the office the employer is legally required to provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment which means providing ergonomic furniture that helps them maintain good posture and avoid injuries. They should also have access to the right tools for their job, whether that’s a computer, a printer, or software. 

Low productivity levels as well as poor motivation, inadequate resources and/or lack of direction from the workplace team can have a hugely negative effect on your core business.

The air quality in the workplace can harm the health of employees. This can result in them taking more sick days and suffering from health problems that can prevent them from doing their job properly.

Poor illumination and the absence of natural light are both issues. They can be a source of discomfort and strain, making it difficult to focus and concentrate.


Employee productivity is an integral piece of the puzzle for attaining business success; after all, the workforce is the backbone of the company.

The employer is accountable for furnishing their employees with the resources they require to reach their full potential and keep them driven. So, investing in your workplace is an investment in the efficiency of your staff to propel your business forward.

Without an efficient, dedicated workplace team which is fully engaged in and necessary to achieve corporate objectives, it would be substantially harder, if not impossible, to guarantee ongoing progress.

Failing to consider your Workplace in your strategy will lead to considerable losses, something many companies will be unable to bear. 

People  I  Place  I  Performance

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