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Our impact

Project Case Study


The leading South African food manufacturer employing over 21 000 people
Organisational Challenges

To be more competitive, productive, and better positioned to attract the new workforce.

Reduce it's footprint by 30% but increase productivity.

To redefine work, and promote a cultural change in the workforce Workplace.

Business Drivers
Workplace Strategy and Solution

Introduce flexible work styles to support work-life balance and aid in footprint reduction.

Facilitate a cultural change in the workplace to promote greater teamwork, collaboration and performance while reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

Business Impact

Stay competitive in the fast moving consumer goods marketplace directly relates to the ability to accelerate the pace of knowledge work by increasing productivity and innovation.

Competitiveness requires mobility. The primary function of a workplace is to promote face-to-face collaboration and build culture and personal networks; aligning work settings with the most productive work activities will provide the greatest return on investment.



Ability to attract and retain new talent, the next generation of knowledge workers.

choices where colleagues work while on-site, including private spaces, collaborative spaces, social areas and workspaces.

Encouraging social interactions and promoting collaboration, innovation, and synergy.


Access to natural light provided to every workspace.

Save on printing, paper, and other resources by supporting digital storage.

Reduction in carbon emissions and energy use.


Significant cultural change.

Improved space utilisation. Reduced portfolio/corporate footprint. Increased density to foster innovation, social interaction, networking and collaboration.

Is your workplace Future Ready?

Leaders Workplace Assessment.

1. Non-Experiential
2. Emergent Organization
3. Engaged, Empowered or Enabled
4. Pre-Experiential Organization
5. Experiential Organization
  • 1 – Non-Experiential

  • 2 – Emerging

  • 3 – Engaged, Enabled or experienced

  • 4 – Pre-Experiential

  • 5 – Experiential

This Leaders assessment measures how well your organisation invests in the experiences of their people, measuring over 3 scientifically proved areas:

Empower People with Choice - Empowering employees is important for growing a sustainable business. True growth is the product of multiple people working together compounding organisational strength and capabilities.

Enhance Place through Experience - Expectations for a satisfying, productive experience are higher than ever. EWM-360 is the response to these expectations, providing a more nuanced approach to the overall workplace experience.

Enact Purpose through process - A purposeful workplace conveys a regard for corporate social responsibility, the environment, health, and wellness, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The WorkplaceFundi Leaders Assessment tool looks at the most important variables across these domains. These variables include the factors that matter most to employees and those that can be used as data inputs into a model that can determine the likely return on your financial investment in the Workplace, in terms of organisational improvement, individual productivity, employee wellbeing absenteeism, talent attraction and retention.

Go on give it a spin and see where your workplace is on the path to an Experiential Workplace.

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