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Our impact

Project Case Study


This company exists to build a better working world. Globally they have 284,000 employees in more than 150 countries in South Africa that have 3 office employing nearly 3000 people.
Organisational Challenges

This company faced a challenge with its existing office Johannesburg with the lease set to expire they embarked on a consolidation exercise.

Business Drivers

‘The Future of Work’ initiative was rolled out to enhance the company’s effectiveness by creating a more productive work environment with the right high-quality space, technology and services to enable people to work anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

The offices needed to showcase their leadership position and promote increased communication and collaboration.

The company needed to reduce the costs associated with underutilised space and reinvest in the things that matter the most: higher quality space, technology and services.

Workplace Strategy and Solution

A detailed research process consisting of employee surveys, focus groups, interviews and a space utilisation study was conducted.

From this onsite research, a detailed workplace strategy was created.

Business Impact

The company has reduced its portfolio of space by 25%, resulting in a 20% reduction in occupancy costs.

More significantly, the company’s executive team credits The Future of Work with helping to transform the organisation.



89% of employees report that The Future of Work has enabled them to work anywhere, anytime.

85% of employees report they are more easily able to collaborate with colleagues than they were able to before.

93% of employees are satisfied or highly satisfied with their new work environment (as compared to 45 percent pre-move).

71% of employee’s report feeling healthier in the new environment.


A 25,000+ square foot reduction in space that had been allotted to file drawers or storage.

35% reduction in water consumption.

27% reduction in electricity consumption.

An average 67% waste reduction.


28% capacity created by adopting the free address model.

92% of employees report that The Future of Work reflects a reinvestment in employees.

Is your workplace Future Ready?

Leaders Workplace Assessment.

1. Non-Experiential
2. Emergent Organization
3. Engaged, Empowered or Enabled
4. Pre-Experiential Organization
5. Experiential Organization
  • 1 – Non-Experiential

  • 2 – Emerging

  • 3 – Engaged, Enabled or experienced

  • 4 – Pre-Experiential

  • 5 – Experiential

This Leaders assessment measures how well your organisation invests in the experiences of their people, measuring over 3 scientifically proved areas:

Empower People with Choice - Empowering employees is important for growing a sustainable business. True growth is the product of multiple people working together compounding organisational strength and capabilities.

Enhance Place through Experience - Expectations for a satisfying, productive experience are higher than ever. EWM-360 is the response to these expectations, providing a more nuanced approach to the overall workplace experience.

Enact Purpose through process - A purposeful workplace conveys a regard for corporate social responsibility, the environment, health, and wellness, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The WorkplaceFundi Leaders Assessment tool looks at the most important variables across these domains. These variables include the factors that matter most to employees and those that can be used as data inputs into a model that can determine the likely return on your financial investment in the Workplace, in terms of organisational improvement, individual productivity, employee wellbeing absenteeism, talent attraction and retention.

Go on give it a spin and see where your workplace is on the path to an Experiential Workplace.

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